PUBG PC Lite Dowload FREE - Download Latest 2019 PUBG PC Lite APK

So are you looking to download PUBG PC lite for your laptop/desktop/mac? Then you are at the right place. 

From the link given below, you can easily download the new pubg pc lite apk for your laptop/desktop.

pubg pc lite download

PUBG PC Lite Download

before proceeding further, make sure to checkout: pubg pc lite system requirements

also before you download the pubg pc lite apk, let me tell you why tencent has created this lite version of their game pubg pc. So as you all know, PUBG PC version is a very heavy game and is also a paid game. Because of which many people who don't have a powerful/high-end gaming machine or the people who can't afford to pay for the game, can't enjoy it.

pubg pc lite download

So PUBG team has now come up with a solution just like they did it with their mobile game. Tencent Games has already launched a lite version of their super popular game PUBG Mobile for the people who don't have a high-end device. 

And now they are doing for the PC people too which is super nice of the PUBG team. They are trying to make this game to reach almost every kind of the audience which is nice unlike fortnite. 

Download PUBG PC Lite

pubg pc lite download

Below is the link given to download the pubg pc lite for low end machines. You can download this game from the link given below. 

As of writing this post on Feb 2, 2019, the game is still running beta testing only in Thailand. But you can still download and play this game by using some tricks like VPN and all. There are many articles on the internet from where you can know about the complete procedure on how you can use VPN to play this pubg pc lite beta version any countries other than Thailand. 

To download the pubg pc lite game, follow the procedure that is mentioned here:

  1. go to in chrome.
  2. click on "download"
  3. afterwards, click on "Apply for ID"

I will suggest you to read this article- how to play pubg pc lite in any country. (to be updated)

Or you can simply go to this link and click on any result that you like. 

And this is how you can use this method to play pubg pc lite on your laptop/desktop. 

pubg pc lite download

So that is for this article guys. Thanks for reading this post "pubg pc lite download". 

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